Classwize stuck on “We’re loading your classes as fast as we can” for IT Admins

This article is intended for IT support. 

If Classwize takes more than a minute to load classes for a teacher, you can refer them to this troubleshooting guide, or try these troubleshooting steps yourself:

Troubleshooting Steps

  1. Use School Manager to log in (masquerade) as the user to see if the problem occurs.
  2. Clear the teacher’s browser cache.
  3. Delete any duplicate classrooms by navigating to School Manager > Classwize > Classrooms.
  4. In School Manager > Classwize > Classrooms delete any archived classrooms that have the same name as an active classroom.
    By clicking on the Status column heading, you can sort all archived classrooms at the top of the list.
  5. In School Manager > Classwize > Classrooms rename any classrooms that have special characters.
  6. You might have too many users and groups syncing across to Classwize. Navigate to School Manager > Classwize. There are two options to reduce the number of groups syncing across to Classwize.
    Option Description Example
    Class Filter This will only sync the groups matching your keywords. Entering “Classwize Room” will only include the matching groups into Classwize.
    Select Providers Schools that use multiple providers can sync only those they want to use in Classwize.

    Providers include Azure, Clever, Google Classes, Google Groups, LDAP, OneRoster, ClassLink, and Wonde.
    Selecting “Google Classes” and “Google Groups” will only include these providers in Classwize.

If the problem is not resolved, contact Linewize Support.

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