Inviting Students to Your Class With a Code

This article is intended for Teachers.

Teachers can generate a 4-digit Invitation Code to invite students into their Classwize classrooms. Students can use the code to join a local class permanently or a synced class temporarily or until the class syncs.

If you need to add a student to a synced class permanently, contact your school’s IT support for help adding them via the school’s information system.


Invitation Codes are an optional feature that may not be turned on by your school. Contact your school's IT administrator for help if you don’t have the option to create Invitation Codes.

The Invitation Codes you generate can be used on any device at your school with Linewize Connect for Windows, macOS, or Chrome. You cannot use Invitation Codes to invite students to Monitoring Mode classes.

Generating Invitation Codes

You can generate an Invitation Code in two ways:

Invite Students to a New Local Class

A Local Class is a class that you have created using Classwize’s Add Class tool. Creating a local class gives you full control to:

  • Add or remove students and teachers
  • Schedule sessions
  • Create invitation codes.


See Introduction to Class Types and Creating New Local Classes for more information.


Creating local classes is an optional feature and may not be turned on by your school. If the Add Class feature does not appear on your screen, contact your school’s IT support.

To invite students to a new local class with a code:

  1. On the My Classes page, select ADD CLASS. The Create a new class dialog appears.
  2. Enter the name of the new class
  3. Toggle on Invitation Code. Classwize will generate a 4-digit Invitation Code, which is valid for one hour.
  4. Select SAVE.


You can share the 4-digit code with your students so they can join the class before it starts or while it is in session. Students will need to log on to and enter the Invitation Code.


To generate a new code, select the Recycle icon icon-recycle.png. This will create a new 4-digit code and reset the one-hour expiry.

Invite Students to an Existing Class

You can invite new students to an existing local or synced class with an Invitation Code. This allows you to add students to your class if you do not know their username, if they’re new to the school, or if they are temporarily attending your class.


Students added to a synced class using Invitation Codes may be removed the next time the class syncs with your school’s student information system. If you need to add students permanently to a synced class, contact your school’s IT administrator for help. See Introduction to Class Types for more information. 

To invite students to an existing class with a code:

  1. Select the Settings icon spoke.svg on the class tile of an existing class.
  2. Select the Invitation Code tab.
  3. Toggle on Invitation Code. A 4-digit code will be generated. The code will expire in one hour.
  4. Select SAVE.  


To generate a new code, select the Recycle icon icon-recycle.png. This will create a new 4-digit code and reset the one-hour expiry. Share the code with your students so they can join the class.  

How do my students use an Invitation Code?

Students can use an Invitation Code by going to

  1. Select Click Here.


  1. Enter the 4-digit Invitation Code and log in.


The students will now enter the active class.




My Invitation Code does not work.

Check if you have given the students the correct code for the correct classroom, or try regenerating a new Invitation Code.

The students can no longer get into the classroom with the Invitation Code, what should I do?

  • You can regenerate the Invitation Code and give it to your students. Each Code is valid for one hour. 
  • Check if they are logged on to their Linewize Connect app or Chrome extension.

Why doesn’t the Invitation Code work when I’m trying to teach remotely?

If students who are working remotely can’t join your class using an invitation code, we recommend:

  • Generating a new Invitation Code.
  • Adding the student manually to the classroom. See: Managing Students in a Class for more information.
  • Asking the student to install and use the Connect for Chrome extension if they are currently using Connect for Windows or macOS. 

I can't see the screen of a student who was added with an Invitation Code.

There are a few things you can try if you can’t see a student’s screen after they’ve joined your class using an invitation code. It can take a bit of time for them to successfully connect.

  • Try restarting your class or refreshing your Class View page.
  • Try adding the student through the Modify Students feature.
  • Check that your student has Linewize Connect installed on their device or Chrome browser. You will not be able to see their screen if Connect is not installed on their device.
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