Creating Classrooms with a Directory

This article is for School Manager users with Global Administrator or Configuration Administrator roles.

This article explains how to set up Classwize classes using a directory (Google, LDAP or Azure).

Classwize can be configured using Google, LDAP, or Azure groups as classes. This allows your school to use Classwize if it does not have a SIS.

These groups appear as class tiles for teachers. If the teacher is configured in Classwize and belongs to that group, the teacher will see that group as a class they can use in Classwize.

From a teacher's view, anything displayed in Classwize is considered a class. However, it can be either a group or a class behind the scenes. Classwize shows these differences by indicating the source type, such as Google Group, Google Classroom, and LDAP.

Add Classrooms with a Directory

The two step process to add classrooms with a directory:

  1. Sync Classrooms with a Directory.


    You must add the Google, LDAP or Azure directory group to which all teachers belong as the Teachers configuration for Classwize.

  2. Limit Teachers Available Classrooms either by:
    1. Membership & Ownership
    2. Class Filter (Google, LDAP or Azure directories)
    3. Select Providers (Google Classroom or ClassLink)
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