Syncing Classrooms with School Manager

This article is intended for users with the Classroom Ed-Tech Manager permission.

This article explains how you can set up and manage synced classrooms. It also discusses naming convention recommendations and troubleshooting steps.

Naming Conventions

Before syncing any classrooms, we recommend agreeing on a standardized naming convention. This can help easily identify each classroom, especially in larger schools. We recommend using a format similar to the one below:

[Year] - [Term] - [Grade] - [Subject Name] [Class Number]

2024 - Term 1 - Grade 5 - English 2

Syncing Classrooms with a Student Information System (SIS)

School Manager allows you to use an aggregator such as OneRoster, Wonde, ClassLink or Clever to integrate with a SIS like Powerschool, Ellucian, eSchoolPlus, Illuminate Education, or Unit4. This means you will be able to sync your existing classrooms from the SIS into School Manager and Classwize. Once the groups have been synced, they can be used as classrooms in Classwize.

Syncing Classrooms with a Directory

School Manager also allows you to sync existing groups in a directory (Google, Azure AD or LDAP) into School Manager. Once the groups have been synced, they can be used to limit teachers to access only their own classrooms in Classwize. For more information on setting up a Directory group as a Classwize Classroom, see Creating Classrooms with a Directory.

Automatic Sync frequency


Google Classroom automatically syncs with School Manager twice a week based on the device's region. The syncs start on Tuesday and Friday nights.

  • US/NZ region: syncs start at 6 PM US Central Time (UTC-5).
  • AU region: syncs start at 6 PM Australian Western Standard Time (UTC+8).
  • UK region: syncs start at 6 PM UTC.

A device's sync may start any time between 6 PM in that region to 24 hours later, depending on previous sync times from other devices. You can manually run a sync if you need to propagate changes before the automatic sync period.

Syncs for all other SIS and classroom data services run on the same twice weekly schedule based on the device's region.

Manual Sync


Only manually sync outside of school hours. Running a manual sync can take up to three hours and can affect the performance of Classwize.

To run a manual sync go to Configuration > Authentication > Google and select Sync. Additionally, you can enable teachers to manually sync their Google Classrooms from within Classwize.

Editing Classrooms

Synced Classrooms

If a classroom is synced with a School Information System (SIS), you should make the changes within the SIS tools first and then sync them into School Manager.

If the Modify Students feature is enabled, you can manually edit SIS classroom(s) from Classwize. However, any changes you make to who is in the class and when it’s scheduled will be reset the next time Classwize syncs with School Manager and the SIS.


I can’t edit the classroom Schedules or Policies within School Manager

You can only edit the Teachers and Students for the classroom within School Manager. To edit the Schedules or Policies, you must open the classroom in Classwize or upload a CSV file with a schedule to School Manager.

I can’t change the classroom name from School Manager

If syncing with a SIS, make the changes within the SIS and re-sync.

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