Deleting Classrooms from School Manager

This article is for IT support. 

This article explains how to delete (purge) local and imported Classwize classrooms using School Manager.

Deleting Classrooms using School Manager


Deleting or purging classrooms will also delete any filtering rules, schedules or teacher personalizations for affected classes. They will not be restored if you recreate, re-import or sync the classes.

You can delete two classroom types based on how you created them:

  • Local classrooms: Classrooms you created manually in School Manager or created by teachers in Classwize.
  • Imported classrooms: Classrooms you added to School Manager by syncing it with an authentication service/School Information System (SIS) or classrooms imported with a CSV file.

Local Classrooms

You can manually delete individual local classrooms or purge all local classrooms with the assistance of Linewize Support.

Deleting a local classroom

Using the Delete function, you can permanently remove a single local classroom from School Manager.


You will not be able to restore deleted local classrooms.

  1. Go to Configuration > Classwize > Classrooms.
  2. Find the Classroom.
  3. Select the classroom’s Delete icon (trash can) under Operations.
  4. A confirmation window will appear, select Delete Classroom.

Purging all local classrooms

To permanently purge all local classrooms, contact Linewize Support. Purging local classrooms will not affect imported classrooms.

Imported classrooms

You have two available options for deleting imported classrooms.


Purging imported classrooms will also purge CSV imported classrooms.

  1. You can contact Linewize Support to purge the synced classrooms. The classrooms will only be deleted until the next SIS sync.
  2. If you want to permanently delete SIS synced classrooms so they don’t sync again, you will need to log in to your SIS or authentication service and follow the instructions provided by your vendor to delete the classrooms. Then contact Linewize Support to purge the synced classrooms.
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