Release Notes for Classwize 2023-003

A fresh update to Focus

We’ve streamlined Focus, so you can direct your class on the right resources straight away.

Here’s what’s changing:

  • We’re removed the checkbox that used to limit students’ access for some online tools, such as Google Docs and Drive.
  • We’ve cleaned up the Focus settings UI for faster setup.
  • When you Focus the class on Google Docs and Drive, students’ Chrome browsers will open two tabs by default — one tab for Drive and another tab to start a new document.
  • Students can now open Focus sites and URLs in new tabs.
  • On Windows and macOS, existing non-Focus tabs will remain open but will redirect to the Blocked page when students refresh or reload them.
  • On Chrome or Chromebook, non-Focus sites will close when Focus starts and reopen when it ends.

What’s staying:

  • Focus will block new access to non-Focus sites and URLs.
  • Focus will show YouTube videos in full-screen. Just enter the YouTube URL and Focus will hide comments, recommended videos, and other links from your students.

A streamlined My Classes screen

We removed the Chat and Bypass Code buttons from the My Classes screen. You can still access Chat from the Classroom view and Bypass Code from the Class Tools menu.

If you’re syncing your classes to Google Classroom, you can find the Sync button on the left side of the My Classes toolbar.

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