Removing the Classwize Chatbot

This article is for IT Administrators.

We have discontinued the Classwize Chatbot feature in Classwize which used to provide quick answers to teachers’ queries via chat. If you find that the Classwize Chatbot still appears on teachers’ Classwize screen, you can disable the Chatbot via School Manager.

  1. Log in to School Manager and go to Configuration > Classwize.
  2. On the Classwize configuration page, scroll down to In-School Support Details for Teachers.
  3. Delete all support information details from the form.
  4. Select Save.

The Classwize Chatbot is different from Classwize Chat, which is a two-way messaging tool between teachers and students.


What can teachers use in place of the Chatbot?

Teachers can use the Classwize Help feature, which provides comprehensive help information on how to use Classwize features and troubleshoot basic issues. Classwize Help is accessible on the My Classes and Classroom menus.


Teachers can also check the Classwize knowledge base, which has special sections for using Classwize features and troubleshooting common issues.

Teachers have troubleshooting issues that are not covered in the Classwize knowledge base

Teachers may contact you about situations or have questions not covered by the Classwize knowledge base. These are often related to School Manager configuration settings, such as filtering policies or Linewize Connect configuration. You may find answers to troubleshooting guides in the Linewize knowledge base.

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