Enabling Native App Controls in School Manager

This article is intended for school IT administrators who have the Global/Owner or Configuration Administrator role in School Manager.

What is Native App Control?

Native App Control is a Classwize feature that lets teachers create Classwize Rules to Block or Allow Windows computer applications, such as Microsoft Word or Calculator. It is an optional feature which needs to be enabled in School Manager before teachers can use it in Classwize. 


Native App Control is currently available only for users on Linewize Connect for Windows version 3.6.9 and up.

Enabling Classwize Native App Control in School Manager

To enable Native App Control:

  1. Log on to School Manager and go to Configuration > Classwize.
  2. Scroll down to Features.
  3. Select Native App Control from the Features dropdown.


  4. Select Save.


Does App Control apply only to “native” or pre-installed applications?

No. It applies to both native and non-native apps on Windows devices. You can find the list of applications included in Native App Controls on this page.

Contact Linewize Support if you believe that an application should be added to the list.

Does App Control apply only to the latest versions of Windows?

Native App Control works with Windows 10 and 11 (64 bit).

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