Where did my List View go?

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If you teach at a school that allows students to bring their own unmanaged devices to school (unmanaged BYOD), you may see that Classwize no longer shows student tiles in List View. This is because we have stopped supporting a feature called Fast Connections. Fast Connections could, in very specific school technology environments, provide some details about student browsing activity even when your school hadn’t installed any monitoring software on their device.

Important concepts: managed and unmanaged BYOD

Managed BYOD: In this instance, we mean a device that has Linewize Connect installed on it. More generally, a managed BYOD device is a student’s personal device that your school has installed software on.

Unmanaged BYOD: A student’s personal device that they bring to school and use without your school installing any software on it.

Why has Linewize stopped supporting Fast Connections?

Fast Connections isn’t doing what you need it to do anymore. It’s an older technology and, as more and more schools use Linewize products, Fast Connections has gotten slower and less reliable. It’s also made it harder for us to improve Classwize’s speed and reliability.

Am I affected by this change?

The vast majority of Classwize users won’t be affected by this change. It only affects users at schools that meet all of these criteria:

  • your school allows unmanaged BYOD
  • your students use Windows devices
  • your school has installed a special Linewize filtering device on your school’s network 
  • your school has asked Linewize to enable Fast Connections

I’m affected. How will Classwize change for me?

If you are affected by this change, you will no longer see any student activity in List View. Instead, you will see a title for each student with a status of ‘waiting for student activity’.

Will my other Classwize features still work?

Yes, even if you are affected by this change, you will still be able to use any other Classwize features that you’re accustomed to using.

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