Release Notes for Classwize 2022–12-14

Welcome to Classwize Release 2022-12-14!

In this release of Classwize, we’re introducing a new Classwize Help Center, which can be accessed straight from any Classwize screen. Our latest release also covers a few improvements in the background to help you modify students in your classes and give you a better user experience.

Improved Help feature

We’ve switched to a more powerful platform that fully integrates our knowledge base with our support and delivery processes. Classwize’s Help feature still delivers the most relevant guides and introduces an improved Search feature and a cleaner interface. Simply type your query on the search bar.

You can read help articles from any page within Classwize or display articles in full on the Classwize Help Center.

Improved screen loading

We’ve squashed a bug that caused some Classwize screens to load slowly. Opening classrooms from the My Classes dashboard is now faster.

Fixed modifying students

We’ve fixed an issue that caused an error in modifying students in classes. It’s now easier to search, add, or remove students from your classes.

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