Classwize 2021-004

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Welcome to Classwize release 2021-004!

Hi everyone, we’ve got some great improvements for you this week! The big news is that we’ve made it a lot less likely that you’ll see multiple student tiles for the same student while teaching your classes. We’ve also made a few things more streamlined, made more improvements to google syncing, and swatted some bugs while we were at it.

New Features & Improvements

  • Think there should only ever be one tile per student in your class? We agree! And we’ve made a bunch of improvements to how Classwize handles things like students going idle or having connection problems that means you’ll see fewer cases of students with multiple tiles.
  • When you hit pause on a student’s tile, you won’t need to enter their name in thePause the Internet screen because it’ll already be there.
  • Your login experiences should be quicker and smoother if your school uses Azure directory services.
  • Google Sync will now sync students who’ve been invited to your class but haven’t accepted the invitation yet.


  • Classes with really, really, really long names will start in a more timely fashion.
  • Classwize settings for different Group types (Teachers,Restricted,Exceptions, andSubstitute) apply correctly to users in nested google groups.
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