Classwize Release 2022-006

This release of Classwize launches Screenshot History Reports for Windows. Live View is also now available for students who are using Connect for macOS. We’ve also added several improvements and fixed a few bugs in the background.

New Features & Improvements

Screenshot History Report for Windows

You can now generate Screenshot History Reports for students using Connect for Windows. Screenshot History for Windows captures screenshots of your students’ browsing history up to the last hour, including background tabs. This feature also captures non-browsing activities, such as using desktop applications or opening local files.  

Screenshot History for Windows is available to our Early Access Schools in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Contact Linewize Support for more information about this feature.

Live View for Connect on macOS

Live View now lets you view the activities of students using Connect for macOS. Live View for Mac shows online and offline activities in real-time and lets you download screenshots, open sites, and create rules that apply to individual students or the entire class. You can also open a student’s Live View on Mac in full screen.

Edit Focus Sessions

You can now edit a Focus session that has already started instead of creating a new one.

Student Search on Class Settings 

It’s now easier to search for students or enter their names when modifying students in your class. The improved Student Search feature also makes it easier for you to create rules, pause the Internet or reward certain students., 


  • Fixed the Screenshot History Report’s time zone to match the user's date and time.
  • Fixed Screenshot HIstory Report’s data generation issues caused by a mismatch in time zones.
  • Fixed the Student search field UI in Class Settings.   
  • Fixed issues with creating local and Google groups of Teachers and Substitute teachers. 
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