Logging In to Classwize from School Manager as a Teacher

This article is intended for IT support and classroom administrators.

As a Configuration Administrator or an Owner/Global Administrator, you can log in to Classwize from School Manager as a Teacher to troubleshoot issues or configure class settings and Class Tools

How the Login as Teacher feature works

The LOGIN AS TEACHER feature is a troubleshooting tool that lets you:

  • Log in to Classwize as a specific Teacher
  • Troubleshoot issues related to the Teacher’s access to classes and their settings
  • Start, run, and end classes while logged in as the Teacher
  • Create local classes in Classwize (if enabled) 
  • Generate student reports as the Teacher (if enabled)
  • Access all other Classwize features and Class Tools that are available to the Teacher, except Chat  

Classwize Chat

Login As Teacher currently does not allow IT administrators to use Classwize Chat.

Logging in as a Teacher

  1. In School Manager, go to CONFIGURATION > CLASSWIZE.
  3. Locate and select the Teacher from the Sign in as Teacher drop-down.
  4. Select SIGN IN.
    Classwize will open in a new tab or window showing the Teacher’s My classes dashboard. 

Classwize Sign-in URL

This is the unique login URL for your school or district’s Classwize instance, seen as an example below. Provide your Classwize URL to Teachers to allow them to log into Classwize. 


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