Configuring Restricted Groups and Excluded from Classwize Groups

This article is for School Manager Configuration Administrators and Owner/Global Administrators.

You can stop certain users from being affected by some Classwize features by adding them to Restricted and Exception groups

The following table shows which Classwize features and tools apply to users in each type of group.

Group Affected by Classwize Rules Have student titles and screenshot history in Classwize1 Can be added to local classes in Classwize Can be added to synced classes in Classwize2
Excluded from Classwize Groups NO NO NO YES2
Restricted Groups YES YES NO3 YES
Both Excluded from Classwize and Restricted Groups NO NO NO YES

1 You can capture screenshots for users only if they have student tiles in Classwize.
2 Users manually added to Classwize classes may be removed when School Manager syncs.
3 IT administrators can add Restricted group members locally via Classroom configuration in School Manager.

Restricted Groups

You can use Restricted Groups to stop teachers from accidentally adding users, including other teachers and non-teaching staff, to their classes. Only users with the correct School Manager administrator role, such as Owner/Global or Configuration Administrator, can add members of Restricted groups to Classwize classes.

If an Owner/Global administrator adds a user in a Restricted group to a class, their student tiles will appear as normal, and all other Classwize tools and rules will work as usual.

Adding Restricted Groups to Classwize

  1. Go to Configuration> Classwize.
  2. Select the new group (or groups) from the Restricted dropdown.
  3. Select Save.

Restricted Groups.png
Image 1: Restricted groups configuration on the Classwize Configuration page.

Excluded from Classwize Groups

Use the Excluded from Classwize field to prevent Classwize from managing specific users. Members of the Excluded from Classwize group will not be impacted by any Classwize policies and will not appear in Classwize. This field is typically used for all staff, both teaching and non-teaching and sometimes for students during exams.

Although you can add members of the Excluded from Classwize group to classes in Classwize by syncing or to local classrooms through School Manager, their student tiles will not appear in Classwize or be affected by any Classwize rules. Teachers cannot add them as students or teachers in their local classes.

Adding Excluded from Classwize Groups to Classwize

  1. Go to Configuration > Classwize.
  2. Under Classrooms, select your new group from the Excluded from Classwize dropdown.
  3. Save your changes.

Exceptions groups.png

Image 2: Excluded from Classwize configuration on the Classwize Configuration page.



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