Enabling "Block Rules Only" Mode

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"Block Rules Only" Mode is a Classwize configuration intended for schools using a filtering solution other than School Manager. Block Rules Only prevents teachers from creating “Allow” rules in Classwize by hiding the “Allowed” option from the Add new rule dialog, leaving “Blocked” as the only available option.

Fig. 1: Rules settings in Classwize when Block Rules Only is enabled.

Fig. 2: Rules settings in Classwize shows both Blocked and Allowed options when “Block Rules Only” is not enabled

When you enable Block Rules Only, the Bypass Code and Reward features will be unavailable. This is because Bypass Codes and Rewards will not work without Allow rules.

To enable the Block Rules Only mode:

  1. In School Manager, go to Configuration > Classwize.
  2. Scroll down to Advanced Configuration and select the Create Blocking Rules Only check box.
  3. Select Save.


Contact your Linewize Account or Success manager for more information or access to Block Rules Only mode.
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