Creating Classwize Teachers

This article is for IT support and classroom administrators.

You can create Teachers in School Manager as a Configuration Administrator or a Global Administrator. 

Teacher Role Permissions

Only members of a Teacher group can log into Classwize. Users with the Teacher role can, depending on your configuration:

  • Log into Classwize as a Teacher using your school's unique Classwize login URL
  • Create local and monitor-only classes in Classwize
  • Create rules for their classes
  • Add or remove students and teachers in their classes
  • Use Class Tools to manage their classes 
  • Create recurring class schedules
  • Create codes that allow their students to join their classes or bypass filtering rules
  • Generate reports about their students’ online activities 

Classwize features need to be enabled in your school’s Classwize Configuration page. See Enabling Classwize Features.  

Creating Teachers in School Manager

All users have the same privileges in School Manager and Classwize until you assign certain roles and privileges that are relevant to their groups. For example, Teachers will have the same access as students until you add them to a Teacher group.  

Follow these steps for creating Teachers in School Manager.

Step 1: Create a group for Teachers 

Unless you identify a user as a Teacher in School Manager, they will not be able to access Classwize and its tools and features intended for their role. 

You first need to create groups for your Teachers using either of the following methods. You can configure as many Teacher groups as necessary. 


Manually create a local group within School Manager by going to CONFIGURATION > USERS AND GROUPS > GROUPS. 

See Adding and Managing Groups for instructions on creating local groups in School Manager. 


Create a synced group from your School Information System (SIS) or third-party authentication service (for example, Google Integrations, LDAP, Active Directory) and then synchronize your data in School Manager. 

Go to School Manager's Authentication page for instructions on setting up and synchronizing your school's relevant authentication service.


Step 2: Add users to the Teacher group

Adding users to local Teacher groups

  1. Go to CONFIGURATION > USERS AND GROUPS > USERS and locate the user you want to add to the Teacher group.

  2. Open the user’s page by selecting either the user’s account name (usually their email address) or the EDIT icon (pencil) on the Operations column. 

  3. Scroll down to Membership

  4. Select the new Teacher group from the Groups dropdown.

  5. Select SAVE.

You can add a user to multiple local groups. For example, Teacher A can be a member of both Teacher and Administration groups. You can also add synced users to local groups. They will remain in the local group when you sync your data in School Manager.

Adding users to synced groups

Add users to the Teacher groups you created in your school’s authentication platform, and then synchronize them in School Manager. 

Step 3: Configure Teacher groups in Classwize

  1. In School Manager, go to CONFIGURATION > CLASSWIZE.

  2. Under Teacher Requirements, type or select the name of the Teacher group in the Groups dropdown.  

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select SAVE.



  • You can add multiple Teacher groups before saving your new Classwize configuration.
  • You can assign both synced and local groups as Teachers in your Classwize Configuration.
  • To remove a group, select the X icon next to the group’s name.
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