Creating Screenshot History Reports

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About the Screenshot History Report


Screenshot History Report is an optional Classwize feature, and your school may not have given you access. Please contact your school’s IT support for assistance.

The Classwize Screenshot History Report lets you generate and download screenshots of your students’ browsing history. Screenshots appear on the report 30 seconds after being taken and are captured in 10-second intervals or each time a student views another tab.

The Screenshot History Report only captures your student’s browsing history while in an active Classwize class. You can view screenshots of your students’ browsing history taken from any active classes over the past 14 days, even if other teachers run those classes.


The Screenshots History Report is currently available on Linewize Connect for Chrome and Windows. It’s currently not available on Connect for macOS.

Generating a student’s Screenshot History Report

  1. In Classwize, open a class the student is enrolled in.
  2. On the class toolbar, select Reports > Screenshot History.
  3. On the Screenshot History dialog:
    1. Select the student’s name from the Select a Student drop-down.
    2. Select the period covered by the report on the date picker.

      Period covered Steps
      Previous date

      Select its date twice.

      You can limit the report to specific hours by selecting the From and To dropdowns, or All Day to include all screenshots taken on the previous date.

      Date range (e.g., 5 consecutive days or 2 weeks) Select the start date followed by the end date.
      Current date

      Leave the date picker on the default date (“Today”).

      A number of hours within current date

      Leave the date picker on the default date (“Today”), then select the hours from the From and To drop-downs.

    3. Select Apply.
  4. Select Search. The student's Screenshot History Report will appear on the Screenshot History panel.

Image 1: Select the student’s name and the time period to generate their Screenshot History Report.

Understanding the Screenshot History Report

Screenshot History data

You can sort the Report data by:

  1. Date: The date (and time) the screenshot was taken
  2. Activity: For students using Connect for Chrome, Screenshot History will show the URLs or domains of the sites that they visited. For students using Connect for Windows or macOS, Screenshot History will show the domains of all open tabs. It will also include non-browsing activities, like opening desktop folders and applications.
  3. Duration: The amount of time that the student spent on the screen or URL.

Image 2: Screenshot History Report data

Screenshot collection

Select View for each site the students has visited to display the screenshots in further detail. Classwize takes a screenshot of the student’s screen every 10 seconds or each time the student opens another site, window, or application.

  1. Screenshot collection of: indicates which site the student has visited and how long they visited the site.
  2. Time stamp: a screenshot taken of the site every 10 seconds.
  3. Open in Full Screen: select to view the screenshot in full screen.
  4. Download select to download the screenshots into your local or shared drive.

Image 3: Viewing the Screenshot Collection

Chrome and Windows screenshot differences

Screenshots differ depending on the version of Connect that your student uses.

  • Connect for Chrome or Chromebook: Screenshots only show the contents of the student’s browser.

Img 4: Example of a screenshot taken from Connect for Chrome or Chromebook

  • Connect for Windows: Screenshots show the student’s full desktop, including browsing (e.g. watching YouTube videos) and non-browsing (e.g. opening a Word document) activities and desktop toolbars, widgets, and menus.

Img 5: Example of a screenshot taken from Connect for Windows

Downloading Screenshots

  1. Select View to show the student’s screenshot collection.
  2. On the Screenshot Collection dialog:
    1. Select the Time Stamp to preview the screenshot that Classwize captured at that specific time.
    2. Select Open in Full Screen to display the screenshot in full screen.
    3. Select Download to download the collection of related screenshots into your local folder.
  3. Unzip the downloaded screenshots. See the steps for unzipping files in Windows, Chromebook, macOS.
  4. Open a file in the unzipped folder to view the screenshot.


How long does it take for Screenshot History to generate the report?

It can take a few seconds to create the report, depending on the number of screenshots that have to be generated and the time period covered by the report. Select a shorter period or refresh your browser if you encounter delays in generating the Screenshots History. Contact your school's IT support if it’s still taking a long time.

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