Blocking Classwize Chat Pop-Ups and Notifications

This guide is intended for Teachers and provides steps for blocking Classwize Chat pop-ups and notifications.

Classwize Chat notifications and pop-ups can be disabled on your browser’s settings. Select your browser for instructions on disabling Classwize Chat notifications.

CAUTION: Block notifications and pop-ups only when needed
Blocking notifications and pop-ups may disrupt the normal use of Classwize features, as well as those of other sites. Block notifications and pop-ups only when necessary to avoid distraction while your class is in session.

Blocking Notifications in Google Chrome

Google Chrome offers several options for blocking notifications and pop-ups.

Block notifications from the address bar

This option will instantly block notifications from Classwize. You will still receive notifications from all other sites that you visit.

  1. Select the Lock icon next to the URL on the address bar.
  2. Toggle off Notifications.
  3. Select the Lock icon again to close the menu.
  4. Reload your Classwize browser page to apply the setting.

Change the permissions

This option lets you set additional permissions, such as allowing or blocking a site’s access to your location, camera, microphone, unsafe ads, and other settings.

To block notifications:

  1. Select the Lock icon next to the Classwize URL on the address bar.
  2. Select Site Settings. You’ll be taken to the Privacy and security settings page.
  3. Under Permissions, select Block from the Notifications settings.
  4. Close the Settings tab.
  5. Reload to the Classwize page to apply the change.

Block notifications from all websites

  1. On the top right of the browser window, select More , then Settings.
  2. Select Privacy and Security, then Site Settings.
  3. Under Permissions, select Notifications.
  4. On the Notifications settings page select Don’t allow sites to send notifications. Chrome will block notifications from ALL websites.

Blocking pop-ups in Chrome

See: Block or allow pop-ups in Chrome.

Blocking notifications in Firefox

Firefox has several options for blocking notifications and pop-ups.

Block or allow notifications from the address bar

If you are logging into Classwize for the first time using Firefox, you may be prompted to set notifications for the site. Select Always Block to disable notifications from Classwize.


If you previously allowed Classwize to send you notifications, select the Permissions icon next to the Classwize URL, and deselect the Allowed.


Block notifications from multiple sites

This option lets you block multiple or all websites from sending you notifications.

  1. Select Application Menu on the top-right corner of your browser window.
    Alternatively, select Firefox menu > Preferences (Mac) or Options (Windows).
  2. Go to Settings > Privacy & Security.
  3. Scroll down to the Permissions section.
  4. Select Settings… for Notifications.
  5. Select Block from the Status dropdown on the Settings - Notification Permissions dialog.
    • Select Remove All Websites to block all sites from sending notifications.
    • Select Block new requests asking to allow notifications to block all future requests for notifications.
  6. Select Save Changes. You may need to refresh the Classwize page for the new settings to take effect.

Blocking pop-ups in Firefox

See: Pop-up blocker settings, exceptions and troubleshooting

Block notifications in Safari

If you log in to Classwize using Safari for the first time, you may get a prompt to set notifications. Select Don’t Allow to block Classwize notifications on Safari.


To block chat notifications if this is not your first time logging in to Classwize using Safari:

  1. On the menu bar, select Safari > Preferences.
    Alternative: Press Command (⌘) + Comma.
  2. Select Websites on the top menu.
    Safari may select this menu by default for you.
  3. Select Pop-up Windows on the left.
    It may be selected by default.
  4. On the Allow pop-up windows on the websites below panel on the right, select Block from the dropdown for Classwize.

NOTE: Block Notifications
You can also disable requests to send notifications by going to the Notifications menu on the right and deselecting or unchecking Allow websites to ask for permission to send notifications.


Blocking pop-ups and notifications in Microsoft Edge



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