Troubleshooting Sync with Google Classroom

Teachers can use these steps to troubleshoot syncing Classwize with Google Classroom.

I don’t see a Sync button.

The Sync button may not show up for you for a few reasons:

  • Your IT support may have turned off Sync. Contact your IT support.
  • This is a Local Classroom or an active class. You cannot Sync an in-progress class or a “Local Class” you created in Classwize.
  • You opened the Classroom. Close the Classroom and go to the My Classes page to access the Sync button.

  • If you are a new Classwize user and cannot sync, your school might not use Google Classroom, but uses other Google products like Gmail accounts to manage your student’s data. If you are unsure, contact your IT support.

I see a Google Sync Error “Sync can’t be run while there are active classes."

Your browser might be holding the old status of your classes. Take the following steps:

  1. Refresh your browser window.
  2. Confirm you do not have any active classes in the My Classes page.
  3. Run the Sync again.

If you get the same error message again after completing these steps, contact your IT support.

I added students using Class Tools and they are now gone.

Syncing Classwize with Google Classroom undoes any changes you made in Classwize using the Modify Students in Class Tools.

Open Google Classroom to make permanent changes to students enrolled in your class. If you don’t have access to add or remove students from your Google Classroom, ask your school registrar or IT support to make the changes for you.

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