Configure Classwize Chat login in Google Admin

This article is intended for IT Support.

If you are a school using Classwize and want to enable the Chat feature, you must allow the Classwize Chat login app in your school's Google Admin to prevent students from being blocked from using Classwize Chat.

Allowing Classwize Chat login

  1. Go to > Security > Access and data control > API controls.
  2. Click Manage Third-Party App Access.
  3. From the Add app dropdown, click OAuth App Name Or Client ID.
  4. Enter into the Search for OAuth app name or client ID field, then click Search.
  5. Click Select from the Login app row.
  6. Click Select on the OAuth client IDs section.
  7. Select school domain (all users) for Scope.
  8. Select Access to Google Data.
  9. Select Trusted, then click Continue.
  10. Click Finish.
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