Classwize Feature Availability for Chromebook

This article is for Teachers.

This article outlines:

  • How to identify which version of Connect is installed on your students’ devices.
  • The Classwize features that are available to you when Connect for Chrome is installed on your students’ devices.

How to identify when your students are using Connect for Chrome devices from the Classwize student tile

To identify if your students are using Chromebook devices with the Connect extension

  1. Open the class you want from your My Classes dashboard.
  2. In the lower left section of each student tile look for the Chrome icon.


    The student must have two or more browser tabs (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge) open to determine the device type or mode being used.

    Icon Mode / Device
    Classwize Student Tile with the Chrome icon.png Chromebook
    Classwize Student Tile with no icon.png Windows and macOS do not show an icon
    Classwize Student Tile with the Companion Mode icon.png Companion Mode

Classwize Feature Availability for Connect for Chrome devices


Your school's IT Administrator can turn off Classwize features. If a feature you want is unavailable, speak to your IT Administrator.

Blocking and Allowing Content

Feature Use it to Connect for Chrome
Native App Controls Create rules to allow or block computer applications on student Windows computers. No
Open Site Open a website in a new browser window or tab for the whole class or individual students in your class. Yes
Classwize Rules Allow students in your class to access sites normally blocked by your school's internet filtering policies and prevents students from accessing sites normally allowed. Yes
Focus Stop students from accessing the internet except for Focus sites set by you. The Focus forces resources to open in new browser windows or tabs. Yes
Pause Internet Temporarily stop one or more students from accessing the internet. Yes
Bypass Code Generate a code that allows a student to bypass some school filtering policy. Yes
Reward Give your class temporary access to something fun, like streaming media or online games. Yes
Close Tab Close any of your student’s open browser tabs. Yes

Monitoring Student Activity 

Feature Use it to Connect for Chrome
List View See, in real time, on the class tile, a view listing all the open browser tabs. Yes
Screen View Allows you to see, a screenshot of the desktop that updates every 10 seconds, on the class tile, showing what students in your class are looking at. This also includes non-browsing activity. Yes
Live View See, in real time, in full screen, a shared view of a student’s screen Yes
Save Screenshot Download a time-stamped screenshot of the student's Live View in PDF. Yes

Communicating with Students

Feature Use it to Connect for Chrome
Class Announcement Send a simple text announcement to all students in the class. Yes
Message Student
Send simple one-way text messages to individual students. Yes
Send and receive messages with individual students. Yes

Reporting on Student Activity 

Feature Use it to Connect for Chrome
Student Journey Report* View a report about a student’s online activities during school time. Yes
Screenshot History Report* Create and download screenshots of your students' browsing history. Yes

* Your school can enable this feature for some teachers only.

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